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Marketing Trends for 2015

To get the most out of your marketing efforts, it is critical to monitor trends and stay up-to-date. This year, there a number of changes predicted to areas such as content marketing and social media. Read on to  find out what’s in store for the New Year.


Content Marketing Will Prevail

In 2015, content remains king. Consumers are more sophisticated and are demanding more than they ever have. They expect detailed, content-rich information as opposed to snippets so they can truly engage and align with your brand.

Retailers are already moving towards brandzines and magalogues – seasonal stylebooks, product guides and celebrity ambassadors filling catalogues with information and page-turning content. Content marketing can also be a great leveller for small business, but it needs to be quality, not just social.

Digital Presentations Will Change Drastically

It is predicted that PowerPoint will continue to fade in 2015. More and more people will use Prezi, Sway or Haiku Deck as opposed to the Microsoft program when making presentations this year. There will also be less forgiveness when it comes to technical difficulties mid-presentation. So if you are presenting your business or product to a corporate, make sure you always have a back-up plan in case something goes haywire.

Social Media Won’t Be Used for Every Type of Business

When the ‘using social media for business’ trend well and truly kicked in a few years ago, many jumped on board without even considering if it would be right for their audience. The key social media platforms will be naturally suited to the three F’s: food, fitness and fashion. That doesn’t mean others can’t thrive, but you have to make sure social media will actually do something for your business. In 2015, we might (and should) see some brands pump the breaks on social media instead of hitting the accelerator, which reverses the recent trend.

Developing Your Own Audiences Instead of Collaborating

There is nothing wrong with third party publisher collaboration, but it’s often a short term fix. If that path is taken, a long term outlook is required – can it be a two-three year partnership? Collaboration with other businesses is great, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of developing channels and audiences you own.

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