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Marketing Trends for 2013

Trends – year in, year out, there will always be bigger, better and brighter ideas. Competition builds with the suspense of what will be the next best, and most creative marketing movement. As we are well on our way into the year of 2013, it is essential to create an updated, innovative plan and budget strategy. For creative inspiration, take a sneaky glimpse into this year’s top five fresh trends for the marketing world.


1. Strategic Content

Developments in marketing have encouraged the link between campaign plans and audience behaviour. Plausible content is the key as readers or potential consumers do not want to be repeatedly spammed with information that doesn’t relate to them. In this fast paced environment, prospects want reliable knowledge to make significant decisions, as there seems to be less time and more choices.

Blogs, articles, links; you name it, you write it. Just make sure the content that you produce is educational, responsive, bold and engaging. Use your research to construct a six-month campaign with at least 30 independent content pieces and set a target to gain new email subscribers to your content.

If you are experiencing writer’s block, then refresh your inspirations through your social media list and consider when writing, less is sometimes more. It is also helpful to evaluate your customer service area and build a content program around solving the top complaints to increase client loyalty. It is also engaging to use humour, lists, technical information, objective tags, controversy and visuals. Speak louder than your competitors’ ‘noise’.

2. Reputation Management

Of course generating awareness and acquiring prospects are target goals within any business plan, however, be mindful of the reputation you get along the way. As social media and blogging hits a whole new high, it has become a routine to monitor posts and feedback. As it is vital to protect your brand, it is best to go the safe way and keep potential negative comments off your sites. ‘Skweal’ is a good example of feedback monitoring as they have a program to settle concerns privately via email or text message. There are also other sites that track negative reviews.

3. Mobile Strategies

The technological impact is dramatically increasing with more smart phones bought in 2012 than PC’s. Therefore it is crucially important to play around with marketing ideas in the areas of apps, mobile wallets, QR codes and to make sure your content is easily read on smartphones and tablets such as a quick load time and a responsive website. Perhaps you can play with the idea of mobile strategies such as interactive retail, customer reward systems. Keep your mobile strategy at the top of your marketing list this year as big things can happen with just a little creativity.

4. The Design Bug

As more and more people are catching ‘the design bug’ and innovators are grabbing attention by dramatically upgrading the ordinary. This comes by the rising prominence of inbound marketing and web design. Therefore, it is a must to jump on the creative bandwagon for unique and eye-catching visualisations. To have a noticeably strong graphical presence, try investing some time into colour psychology and start researching local graphic designers. This can help you with the nitty-gritty stuff, to achieve beautiful and bold results.

5. Game-ification

Games have played a predominant role throughout our childhoods, now it is time to get tech-savvy and bring that fun aspect into play through marketing! Game design has been transferred into non-game applications to make content and sales more engaging and less dry. ‘Gamifying’ products and services this year are on the top of big brands ‘to-do list’ and smaller companies are arranging their budget to meet the new standards of technological marketing. Retail apps, daily deal sites and point reward systems are quickly joining our culture by giving prospective consumers creative and exciting incentives to build and connect with you.

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