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How to Jazz up Your Instagram!

Ever look at a friend’s Instagram page and think “now how did she do that”. In today’s social media obsessed world, people are content to share their lives with virtual (pun intended) strangers but it seems it’s no longer enough to simply click “share” now we have to make sure what we’re sharing is artful and interesting to look at. Adding text, doodlers and borders to your Instagram pics is now so easy that everyone is doing it and we’re going to tell you how and why you should do it.

From a Business Perspective

  • Adding borders and font to your Instagram pictures is a great way of making your post’s appear more professional and interesting.
  •  It enables you to communicate better with your followers.
  • It lets you be unique and show your businesses personality
  • It grabs attention which will assist with increasing your followers
  • It separates you from your competitors

From a Personal Perspective

  • It lets you be creative and add fleur to your photos
  • You can create a collage of your day
  • Is interesting to look at so may help increase your Instagram following
  • Allows you to comment on images
  • Shows your unique personality

How to add text, doodlers and borders:

The Organised Housewife recommends using an app called “A beautiful Mess”, its $0.99 to buy from the app store.

How to use:

  1. Take your photo
  2. Open it in A Beautiful Mess
  3. Add a filter, fonts, borders or doodles
  4. Press done and confirm you have finished
  5. Then press share, you have the option to share via Instagram, facebook and more.

Information sourced from: The Organised Housewife

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