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Branding for Small Business


Successful branding is the defining edge over competition. However, a common misconception is that if you have a small business it doesn’t need to have a branding strategy. This outlook can cause major turmoil towards a new or developed business, as branding is a clever and effective way to gain clients and sustain ongoing company awareness.

Here are some progressive steps to reach your audience and get results through branding.


To start, ask yourself these questions:

  • Where do you want to see your business in the next five years?
  • How do you define a successful small business in your industry?
  • What are five key values that create your ideal business or brand?
  • In a couple short sentences, how would you describe your business?
  • What is my business’ current reputation?

Branding is every aspect of a business working together to create its overall appearance and personality. Therefore, it is important to give your business the tools to evolve. All elements such as design, content, pricing, communication and promotion must work together to build a result that the audience can relate to and accept.

In order to have a confident and charismatic brand, it must be consistent. It can take years to construct, yet only a minute to be torn down. Branding is reputation and especially for a small business, it is the backbone that keeps it all together.

Once your brand is successfully grounded, it is important to consider the design aspects such as taglines, the logo and of course colour tonality. Whatever your objective outline is, make sure the theme of the design fits hand in hand with the content, as each component should reflect and compliment each other.

Consider this checklist:

  • Understand your business
  • Accentuate your strong points
  • Design concrete visualisations
  • Include your branding into all parts of your decision making
  • Humanise and personalise your brand
  • Be consistent
  • Identify your main industry competitors and be creatively unique

Branding is all about public perception, so with positive precision protect your small business’ credibility by protecting your brand.

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